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The Demon and The Crusader

My final project at The Savannah College of Art and Design. During my last quarter, I took a new advanced character class created by Professor Parrish Baker. In this class, students were tasked with forming a group of two and creating not only an individual character each but also an environment or scene for the two characters to interact in. The main goal of this class was to work in a cohesive art direction with another individual. For my project, I worked with Mike Cermele (Check out his work here: ). While I created the demonic demon "Mukuro_47", Mike worked on the holy knight "Cruz//dar". Then we came together to work on the environment and even the third character featured throughout our scene - the corpses. While I sculpted the actual mesh. Mike pushed it a step further with an idea he had for the material.
Link to Breakdowns / Artbible:

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